Ryan Coogler makes also a sequel to “Black Panther”

The American director Ryan Coogler is on the point of returning to Wakanda. According to Variety, is Coogler director and screenwriter of the sequel to the superheldenfilm “Black Panther”.

Chadwick Boseman is expected to return in the starring role, alongside other members of the cast. The release date is not yet fixed and the details of the scenario are not yet known. Marvel gave no comment on the subject. According to Variety start the shooting end of 2019 or early 2020, depending on the completion date of the script.

“Black Panther” broke in the beginning of the year all the box office records and earned $ 1.3 billion in global revenue, of which 700 million dollars at the national level. That is the largest gross profit in the United States for a Marvel movie.

According to sources from the American site is Coogler plan to still for the sequel another, smaller film. It seems to be an adaptation of the film “12 Angry Men”. It is unclear which of the two projects are in full focus will get.

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