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Russian internationals Mamaev and Kokorin should be two months in the cell after a bar fight with high official

The Russian international Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin have until Thursday, december 8, in pre-trial detention, pending on their process, report Russian media. The pair is accused of aggression against a senior official of the Russian ministry of Trade.

Wednesday they were already administratively held for a period of 48 hours. Mamaev, a 30-year-old midfielder and a 15-fold Russian international, and Kokorin, a 27-year-old attacker and 48-fold international, killed Monday in a café in the capital Moscow official Denis a Suit with a chair on his face. That turned out to be from bewakingsbeelden. There followed a scuffle with a colleague of Suit. A few minutes earlier, were the two football players on the street all the way down with the driver of a tv presenter.

Subsequently remained both players a day and a half without a trace, until they are Wednesday afternoons yet registered at the police station for questioning after the authorities threatened had an arrest warrant to issue. Both players are now accused of hooliganisme and it in Russia [jurist report] to five years.

Earlier on Wednesday demanded the Russian Premier League (RPL) already had a lifetime suspension on Russian territory for both players.

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