Ronaldo is looking for the attack through a lawyer

Ronaldo insists that the sex with mutual consent was

The documents issued by the German magazine Der Spiegel published and in which Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of rape, manipulated and even invented. “And all of that, his reputation as honorable and hard-working sportsman to destroy.” That is a comprehensive statement that Ronaldo’s lawyer Peter Christiansen Wednesday has revealed. “Ronaldo feels compelled no longer to be silent.”

The police in Las Vegas has the investigation into the possible rape was reopened after a new report from the victim, the American Kathryn Mayorga. She states that Ronaldo her in 2009 to have sex forced. She was at the time the 375,000 dollars to keep the matter silent to keep and took the money out of fear of retaliation. Ronaldo insists that the sex with mutual consent. The conscious documents in Der Spiegel, belong to the confidentiality agreement between Mayorga and Ronaldo.

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