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Red Bull forbade Max Verstappen a MotoGP test

Max Verstappen has said that his employer Red Bull him has forbidden to a MotoGP machine test because it’s too dangerous.

The young Dutch F1-driver knew meanwhile, all four GP’s to his name, to write, and he has never made any secret that he might ever agree on two wheels wants to try. In a conversation with the ‘F1 Racing’ last year, he noted that he would like MotoGP even want to try because in his eighth raced either on two or on four wheels.

“I did it gladly. It was a lot more dangerous of course, but I would absolutely want to try,” said Verstappen a year ago. “MotoGP is a different world but I love the feeling of close to the ground with your knees.”

MotoGP-test is too dangerous
This year he has Red Bull for a MotoGP test requested, the energiedrankengigant is, after all, the main sponsor of the KTM team and sponsors a number of riders and teams. Unfortunately for Verstappen saw Red Bull that does not sit.

“I wish I could be racing on two wheels”, he noted during a sponsorevent of Exactly. “But I can’t.”

“I have a Harley bought and I have to the team, and asked if I was a MotoGP engine was allowed to test for Red Bull is a sponsor of KTM and Honda, and they have their own circuit, namely the Red Bull Ring. The answer was ‘no’ because it’s too dangerous,” concluded Verstappen.

MotoGP pilots received an F1-test
Earlier this year, if MotoGP stars Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa a Red Bull F1 car on the tooth and feel it on the Red Bull Ring and for a number of years back did Valentino Rossi is also a test with a Ferrari. In the other direction fails so easier.

Although it rarely happens if Fernando Alonso in 2015 and 2016 MotoGP ™ testing machine during the Honda “Thanks Day,” when the Japanese, their fate yet to McLaren connected.

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