Ramses Shaffy-classic re-released

Jared Grant

Foundation Ramses Shaffy – that young performing artists encourages and supports – gave permission for the re-release of the song from 1971. Jared Grant (26), which in 2015 kicked to the semi-finals of The Voice of Holland, put the song in a new jacket.

The number works Grants twelve piece band with horns, but also a chorus of people who have arthritis have and ambassador of ReumaNederland Anita Witzier. Witzier: “Sing, fight, cry, pray, laugh, work and admire is a song where a lot of people with rheumatism in recognizing it. Rheumatism is a disease of extremes. One day you can see the whole world, the other day you come up the stairs. There is considerable fighting spirit needed to be there every day to go and we can be best even to be admired for speaking of it. Also to ourselves as a patient. We do that with this song.”

On the website of patient organisation ReumaNederland is that there will eventually be a new version of the single will be released, in which many more voices of people with rheumatism be processed. Everyone that wants to participate can do warming up on the website of the organization.

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