Paul van Vliet is back on stage

Van Vliet told The World is that the real hour of truth’ is yet to come. In the past few months, he worked on writing his bundle. “The book was. So I don’t feel that I was missing something. It was summer, everyone was gone. So then it is not.”

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Paul van Vliet, on this Sunday

The singer and comedian is still behind its decision not to act. “I wanted to be at the pinnacle stop. I didn’t want the less was, that the public would stay away, that I ailments. You think: I was just stopped earlier. I stand there with my heart is not behind, but with my mind.”

Van Vliet is now curious about his future, which he said have not yet mapped. He wants to continue to write, and there may be work to read for small venues. “I would like to keep contact with the public,” he said.

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