Parents Brunson miss news about release

BLACK MOUNTAIN – The parents of pastor Andrew Brunson had the news about his release initially missed. Mother Pamela Brunson was heard to say of a journalist from Reuters news agency about the decision of a Turkish court.

Andrew Brunson (bottom left), after his release, escorted to his home in Izmir.

The 75-year-old woman told me by phone the whole night to have remained for a prayer meeting. “When we got home we fell asleep,” she said from her home in Black Mountain (North Carolina). “I am so excited. It is fantastic. Thank you us this, let us know. We are so happy,” she said to the reporter.

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The journalist read phone news on the release for while the parents of Brunson meeluisterden. “We are overjoyed that God the prayers has been answered by many people from all over the world”, said the mother of the fifty-year-old preacher.

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