Now all of the fans in queue for Korean boy band BTS

Not surprising, it is the first appearance of this immense popular boy band in Europe. The band has worldwide millions of fans. And if there is then the possibility of these pop-stars live, travel fans flocking to Amsterdam.

Actually covers the word popular not in the cargo. The craziness around the BTS is perhaps best compared with idols, of Do But in the eighties. The aim of BTS is not dragging and the youthful fans even buy cd’s because there fotoboekjes her.

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Ziggo in the quarter sold out for a Korean boy band BTS

Clips of BTS on Youtube are massively viewed. So has the number of DNA 520 million views, and there are 1.7 million comments on the clip. Other songs also score hundreds of millions of views. In 2017 makes Twitter announced that the Bangtan Boys the most tweets scored worldwide in the category of artist.

BTS makes so-called K-pop. This music is doing to advance worldwide. The k stands for Korea and the pop is of course for pop music, but K-pop is also a popular subculture where young people dress themselves with the fashion and style of Korean groups and singers.

Who Saturday the sweet tunes of BTS live wants to hear, has bad luck. The tickets for the concert were within a quarter of an hour sold out.

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