Nigerian militia let 833 children, among whom child soldiers, free

GENEVA – A Nigerian town has 833 children released. Reports that the UN children’s fund Unicef. Some of them were used as child soldiers.

The release is a victory for the human rights and the protection of children, said a representative of the organization Friday. “We call on all parties in the conflict to stop the recruitment of children and children’s children.”

A year ago, the CJTF-town in the northeast of Nigeria contractually defined no longer have children to its ranks. Up to now, only been in the city of Maiduguri nearly 1500 boys and girls have been identified that are associated with the town, explains Unicef. The militia is a relatively loosely organized group and has as objective to fight the islamist terrorist organization Boko Haram.

According to Unicef, despite the recent release is still much work to be done: “Many of the children remain in the service of other armed groups, as combatants or in support functions.”

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