Nick and Veerle from Blind Married rays

‘Blind Married-participants Nick and Veerle look forward to the day that they have their first child in the arms to close. “We are counting the days until march. But whether it is a boy or a girl, we can keep a secret”, as they say, in Day All. Now that she is eighteen weeks pregnant, Veerle finally enjoy her full belly. “In the beginning I used to suffer from the typical common pregnancy problems such as nausea and fatigue. Thankfully that is now over. Discomfort because my belly is in the way I experience yet. That is also still not so great, hey.” Especially pregnancy yoga does Veerle much virtue. “I don’t know if it will be for everyone, but I feel comfortable with it’, it sounds. “It makes me calmer and stronger, and that’s only positive for our baby.”

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