New single and album for Phil Kevin

Almost 30 years ago , in 1989, launched the VTM the music programme of ‘Ten To See’. During the summer of that historic muziekjaar captured a young, blonde curly Flanders with his mega-hit ‘Come on and do it!’. For every blond curl, there were hundreds of fans and Phil Kevin was in one fell swoop, the Flemish meisjesidool.

The blond curls are now gone, but the passion for the music is still lit up heavily on Phil Kevin. Over the past years served the sympathetic Limburger us with multiple successful singles, including “Can I be the sun shine’, ‘I want you’, ‘The merry-go-round’ (with Guy Neve), ‘Quando, Quando, Quando’, ‘Rhythm of my heart’, ‘Without me’, ‘I am your prey’ (with Elisa Kevin’, ‘she Used to be Benny’ and ‘Flemish’.

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