New chart 538 is there anyway

Marc Adriani (M) Radio Director of Talpa Radio and lawyer Jacqueline Schaap (L) arrive at the Amsterdam court for the hearing of the interlocutory proceedings that Stichting Nederlandse Top 40 has brought against Radio station Radio 538. The foundation demands that the radio station, the Top 40 until the end of this year, continues to broadcast on the FM.

“In all cases, we start with the list”, said Adriani for the camera of the ANP. “This decision is taken. We have really a lot of sense to start with our own charts, the 538Top50.” Adriani said that 538 is “always to a judgment of the court”. “If the court decides that we must wait, then we will wait. And if the court is following us, in our argument, and I think I am to be honest, then we will begin on Friday 2 november.”

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Court concentrates on Top 40

538 sat Friday in the gedaagdenbankje. The stichting Nederlandse Top 40, won the radio station to court because of a conflict over the future of the well-known charts. The Top 40 moves in January to Qmusic, 538 wants the listeners in november of proposals to its own new chart and “a little earlier to stop at the Top 40. “We want to stop earlier on the FM, but we want to make the Top 40 and is still broadcasting until the end of the year on the digital channel,” says Adriani. “We want to very quickly continue with our own charts, the 538Top50.”


The foundation Dutch Top 40 is of the opinion that 538 breach of contract commits if the new chart from november is being broadcast. ”538 has come up already from the 1st of november a own chart to begin transmitting at that relevant time, and that is of course in conflict with the agreements”, says Radboud Ribbert, the lawyer of the foundation. On October 26, gives the judge information about the case.

Anyway find both parties it’s a pity that after 25 years of Top 40 on radio 538 in this way, an end to the cooperation. “It is extremely sad that a good cooperation resulted in legal sabre-rattling”, according to Ribbert for the court. According to the Stichting Nederlandse Top 40 has 538 aiming for the hard listeners of the charts. The radio station says in turn that “the foundation after 25 years of loyal cooperation is to go shopping.” “We think that’s disappointing,” says Adriani. “That ends here in the courtroom, and that is of course not a pleasant feeling.”

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