Netsky brings a new single with David Guetta from

Today brings the internationally award-winning producer Netsky his new single in collaboration with French superstar David Guetta. ‘Ice Cold’ is the second single from his upcoming album ‘Palmtrees & Powerlines’ and illustrates the contrast between the summery feel of the songs on the ‘Palmtrees’ (such as the previous Netsky single “Tequila Limonada”), and the dansvloermateriaal on ‘Powerlines’.

David Guetta about his collaboration with Netsky: “Working with NETSKY on this track was amazing. He’s such a great producer, and I’m really happy with the end result.” Also for the recently released album ‘7’ of Guetta were the two producers together in the studio, Netsky collaborated on the songs “Light Headed” [feat. Sia] and “Battle” [feat. Faouzia]. “’Ice Cold’ was such a fun song to make.” Tells Netsky about the new song, “I remember both Stargate and David Guetta making me crank up this demo in a LA studio and all of us vibing to it together. Working with David was amazing, it was inspiring seeing his work routine and energy in the studio and I’m so excited to be releasing this single today.”

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