Music attracts ’house sparrow’ Nielson of the bank

“I am naturally someone who has the security to look up to, a bit of a house sparrow. Until now, my career me only to outside pushed, makes me a much more open person and I have much more’n look outward. That is very positive.”

His new album, Diamond, which Friday appears, is again a milestone for Nielson. In the new songs is the singer-songwriter’s more personal than ever. “I am the music stepped in to my hearts. Music is an outlet, and a great gift in my life. Things that I difficult find to share, I can in my music have to say. That I have done with this album.”

Although music make Nielson a push in the back, he stays close to home. “If Nielson I’ll stay in the Dutch singing and writing. If I have that in English would do, the distance between me and what I write is larger and that is not what I want, what’s more personal and more vulnerable. I can be the best in my mother tongue to actually say what I mean.”

New jacket

For the singer it is the challenge, “Dutch music of international sounds.” Therefore, he had Diamond mixdown and mastering in the United States. “If I am in the English would sing, I would go to compete with the John Mayers of this world. And yes, that is already there. But in English, it is not there yet and I’m always very, very on. That’s how my career started. Beauty & the Brains was a kind of fresh, weird Nederpopliedje in a new jacket that no one else had ever heard and I thought that was really cool.”

With his third album Nielson ’actually back to the beginning’. “I have made an album that is adjacent to an international popsound for which I also quite a lot of money have invested and collaborations’m engaged with, for example, an American producer. How that is received further to the Netherlands and Flanders.”

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