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More French on VRT for language children

More French in children’s programmes of the VRT, or in the jeugdjournaal Karrewiet, therefore, advocates the Flemish academic world. “The VRT has drawn up a formative task,” says Lieven Boeve, the chief executive of the catholic education.

The proposal is in a new opinion for a stronger French in the elementary education of the Flemish Education council (Vlor), in which the whole world of education is represented. Minister for education Hilde Crevits (CD&V) had asked for advice because less than half of our twelve year olds the attainment targets for reading in French. Also speak with fits and starts.

“Children now come too little into contact with French outside the school,” says Boeve. ‘Since the VRT is a formative function, it would be that awareness of languages can do. A French poem in a children’s program, for instance.’

French books

Other members of the Vlor thinking to build partnerships with the Walloon RTBF for the jeugdjournaal Karrewiet, to certain items in the French. ‘It would be a start if we were from the database of RTBF, the draw for the French lessons, ” says Marianne Coopman of trade union COV.

The proposal about the VRT is one of the three examples that the Vlor gives. The institution also thinking of grants for libraries to French books to buy and a better access to French-language cultural activities.

“I stand fully behind this opinion,” says minister of Media and Culture Sven Gatz (Open VLD). “The current agreement with the VRT runs for another two years, but it is worth exploring whether we liabilities for the French to impose.’

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