Model in the neck shot

New York – An American model is brain dead after being on the highway, likely by a stray bullet in her head was shot.

The 28-year-old Kelsey Quale reed in Clayton County when someone opened fire. She became unconscious and crashed into three other cars.

Because the first as an ordinary accident, was regarded, was the first aid of the hospital than surprised when she got a bullet in the back of her neck found. The projectile was through her neck into her brain ended up.

Kelsey is now brain dead in a hospital room. The family is now faced with the tough decision or the machines turned off.

“I want to know who did this, it’s crazy,” says her sister Kayleigh at Fox 5 Atlanta.

Kelsey was just with her friend to Atlanta moved because of her modelling work. At the time she was shot, she drove from her work to the dentist.

Sister Rachel Chotro describes Kelsey on a inzamelingspagina, which is set up for the medical expenses and funeral to pay for, like a girl that always has everyone laughing.

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