Melania Trump waves having marital problems way

First lady Melania Trump do the stories about marital problems as gossip.

“It is no concern of mine and I’m not doing that’, reacts Melania Trump in an interview with ABC News on a question about her marriage with Donald Trump. “I am a mother and first lady, and I have more important things to do and on my mind. I know that people and the media like to speculate about our marriage.”

That speculation calls them ‘not always pleasant’. “But I know what is true and not true.” On the question of whether she was still of her husband, she replies: ‘Yes, we are fine. (…) Gossip are not always correct.”

The American president Donald Trump denies that he extramarital affairs. The porn star Stormy Daniels and the former Playboy model Karen McCougal say she’s with Trump having an affair have had when he was with Melania was married.

The former lawyer of Trump, Michael Cohen, paid Daniels 130.000 dollar zwijggeld. Trump has admitted that the money of him.

The interview is administered when the first lady on a tour in Africa. In another fragment says Melania Trump that they are one of the most gepeste people in the world.

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