Melania Trump: “If you have someone accused of sexual harassment, you must prove”

The First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, said in an interview with ABC News that they are women based, but they will find that there is ‘hard evidence’ are needed when someone accuses of something.

Melania Trump, makes her first soloreis by Africa. Tom Llamas ABC News was an interview with her decorate. The full episode, that Being Melania’s called, is only Friday, full broadcast. In a preview let ABC be already a little bit see, where Melania Trump about sexual harassment talk.

“Not only women should be heard and supported, even men,” she says. They will find that there is hard proof is needed before someone can accuse of something. ‘Show the proof’, ” she says. “I support women, but you have to have evidence. You can’t just say someone sexually molested. The media is going too far. They frame some of the stories, and that’s not right’, she concludes.

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