Melania Trump gives expose themselves

America is tonight ready for the in-depth interview that Melania Trump gave to news channel ABC.

They will be on the desks danced in ABC, one of the largest broadcasting companies in America. Finally, it was they did for MELANIA TRUMP to tie for a rare great interview on television. That megaprimeur is tonight at ten pm, American time, broadcast, and will probably for a kijkcijferexplosie sure.

Since her husband DONALD in January 2017 became president, Melania is in the public hardly make themselves heard. Now she has interviewer TOM LLAMAS promised that they would on all his questions honestly will answer.

At the top of the wish list of the American viewer is, of course, the answer to the question of what they will find of all, alleged of course, liefdesescapades of Donald Trump. And so we hear Llamas in a boastful teaser get to ask, her answer for the audience is still just as hidden in mind.


Also discussed her frankly criticized choice of the question. Because also in Africa, where she made her first soloreis just behind the back, and also the conscious interview took place, caused the First Lady to stir by a safari, dressed in matching costume, but the head of a tropenhelm. That is in Africa still seen as a symbol of colonial oppression. And what inspired her to become a migrantenkamp to visit, dressed in a jacket with lettering: ’I really don’t care. Do you?’

It was remarkable, however, how Melania herself presented by her man as often reprimanded continent. She appeared suddenly to be able to laugh as well as good also. Who the images compare the ’type-ijskonijn’ that she often shows when she is captured alongside her husband, doesn’t know what he sees.


Of course the interview is also about #MeToo and is therein cited what her Donald ever called: “Men with power can create anything, so ’grab them by the pussy’. The wife of late repeated, as is also already to be seen in a short clip, her statement of a few years ago. ,,I support that women really well, but they also have to prove to show. You can’t just say: ’I was sexually molested’ or ’You have me that done’, because sometimes the media is too far and the way they have a story then, is not correct. Women who come forward as victims, should also be prepared that their claims can prove. If someone accuses, you must show the evidence.’

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