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“Max Verstappen would not intentionally someone from the job drive”

Despite their crash during the GP of Japan last weekend, believes Kimi were times not that Verstappen the kind of rider is that his competitor without any reason the job would be driving.

At the end of the first round of the GP of Japan came Verstappen were times onzacht with each other in contact. The Dutchman missed his braking point at the last chicane and went straight on, when he again the job came up he found were times on his way and he forced the Fin of the job.

While Sebastian Vettel after the race had a criticism on the aggressive driving style of the Red Bull rider is his teammate strikingly milder for Verstappen.

“In the situation in which I me with him was, it is difficult to say,” said were times, as opposed to ‘Motorsport.’ “I know that it is sometimes impossible to get your car running if you go over the kerbs to ride. I don’t know if that was the case.”

“I think if we’re together on the circuit next to each other would have been that he thought not of the job would have forced to, because we all know the result of it.”

“It was a strange situation where we had landed. I don’t think he intentionally someone wanted to hit but this is what happened.”

Were times I was not too upset on Verstappen, but nevertheless, he had rather have some more space.

“I wanted to be on the outside go for as much as possible to make space. But he came clear of in addition to the job over the stretch of grass on the kerbs.”

“Perhaps he could no longer steer and he ended up there. In an ideal world he would have more room to give but I don’t know…,” decision were times.

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