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Marc Coucke will of the scandal is still something positive: “As a country now lead by example”

Marc Coucke, the chairman of the Pro League, wants limits set on the abuses which, in recent days come to light in the Belgian football. That he told in ‘The appointment on Friday, that later on tonight’s broadcast. From a fragment by the VRT already been released shows that Coucke as the eternal optimist of the whole scandal is also something positive: “Maybe we as a country now lead by example.”

Marc Coucke acknowledges that the practice of players ‘ agents who now have been exposed to Belgian football in a bad light. As chairman of the Pro League, he plans pole and perk set to the abuses in the Belgian football.

“If you as a supporter to hear that it’s all not fair, it will be a disaster. Now we go to Belgium, however, lead by example. I have spent the past day huge had a lot of contact with the European voetbalinstanties: they follow very closely and is fully in support. And maybe we can even give an example and we can of a disaster is an example. And no one has to say that they did not know what was going on. The system of brokers such as it now is should look like.”

Coucke speaks about three points for attention: a new regulation, transparency and independent auditing.

The issue of match fixing is for Coucke worse, much worse: “There is no debate: it should never, nowhere, in no country… That is the worst thing in football can happen”, be aware of the Anderlecht chairman.

“The appointment’s on Friday” starts at 20u40 on Canvas.

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