Man has three lions on the roof terrace to live and refuses to move

Mexico City – A man from Mexico City, denies three lions to do away with. The animals dwell with the man on the rooftop terrace.

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According to inspectors, would the animals have to be moved to a more suitable location. Also neighbors to vote this in: the roar of the lions makes for inconvenience.

Omar Rodríguez has no message, and says to El Universal the lions to keep his grandchildren more to learn about the endangered species.

Numbi, one of the lions that Rodríguez on the roof lives.

“I know that this might not be the best situation. The best conditions for a lion would keep an African savanna, where they can freely run around. But…”

Rodríguez says that he has been for 20 years, the lions possession and the right paper for you, provided by Profepa, a government agency in Mexico City. Profepa denies that and asserts that the living conditions are not appropriate.

The side of the terrace, where Rodríguez are lions.

Friday there are inspectors along on the roof terrace of Rodríguez to investigate the case.

Deep bites

Last Sunday it was in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez, a man bitten by a lion, which he keeps as a pet. According to news site Milenio was the owner drunk and he yelled at the animal. The lioness would repeatedly have bitten; the man held a deep wounds on it.

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