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Lukaku guides Red Devils past the tricky Swiss

Lukaku guides Red Devils past the tricky Swiss

The Red Devils are now all format to in June the semi-finals of the Nations League to play. After a difficult 2-1 victory against Switzerland and Belgium, for the leadership of his group with the maximum points. With thanks to Lukaku.

Lukaku swung because he is the ball is not got, Mertens because not everyone has pressure put, Vermaelen after he inschoof and no play-point is found. It was with a glassy look to every wallflowers. Here you will find no cheesy puns about cheese with holes in them because the Swiss had their organization shut tight pressed. With a tactical change even: three in the back in possession of the ball, five in the losing that we’re not used of that Swiss. Already a luck that their striker, Seferovic, was failing. And so verkwanselde the striker of Benfica completely when Shaqiri as a Swiss knife by the defence cut. When Shariqi again was sent away, stood Alderweireld, however, keen to defend.

Not Hazard, be the most maligned Devil of the last few months was the Heysel for the break of the banks. Carrasco shook his China-complex, headed next and took aim at goalkeeper Sommer. Like Mertens, just for peace of mind. But it was only when everyone has a glass, the appetizer was consumed, and Lukaku to the right side was pushed, early Hazard his mates at the dance. First by Mertens deep to cross, and then through the Elvedi by the legs to play. The public like there porridge. A few seconds after Zuber almost the party was ruin – alone, he shot in front of – there was Hazard that the action set up, finished by who else but Lukaku: 1-0.

Chairs on the side, ready for a polonaise, four days before the arrival of the Dutch? Not really. Mertens curled the ball or on the Sommer but the Swiss continued to give the impression that each time the bunch were shut down. The Devils zwalpten, Kompany, and when Shaqiri a free ball to the second pole curled, knew substitute player Gavranovic at the end. As if the evening had to end up in the mood of the last days. No Romelu, no party. Lukaku decided otherwise. First took aim he still, in reference to Mertens, he worked cool down: 2-1, his 45th goal as a Red Devil. The bells and whistles because after two days beckons now the semi-final of the Nations League. Yes, it went out yesterday really just about football. To you to that holding.

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