Less migrants by sea to Europe

GENEVA – Until now, 40 percent less migrants across the Mediterranean to Europe than in the same period last year. Reports that the united nations organisation for migration IOM in Geneva Friday. On 10 October, there were 88.000 compared to the 144,000 a year earlier.

On the other hand increased the number of migrants by land to Central and Eastern Europe came to 19.000. That there are seven times as many as in the first nine months of 2017.

Almost half of the refugees and other migrants through the Mediterranean Sea arrived, ended up in Spain. In Italy, by contrast, were less people than in the past five years: an average of less than three hundred per week.

According to the definition of the IOM are migrants all people who have their place of residence to leave, for any reason whatsoever, voluntarily or not. Refugees, by contrast, seek protection from war, or threat of prosecution, for example, because of their religion, nationality or political conviction. Refugees are also migrants.

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