Kuyt, Van der Vaart surprised

Dirk Kuyt (l.) and Rafael van der Vaart

Van der Vaart speaks with respect and appreciation about Kuyt. “I remember with the youth of Ajax against Quick Boys played. Then I saw him walk away and thought to myself: that goes in no one hundred years of professional football, let alone the Dutch team. But Dirk is one of the most important players for the Dutch national team. The valuation took per season. Especially mentally, as he has something, where we z’n all as footballers, an example to be able to take.”

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Van der Vaart says that he long since his bag would have caught, if he’s so ignored in the run-up to some tournaments as Kuyt. “He started each tournament as fourth-choice right-winger, but he ended up in the base as a full. How do you make that? I find that incredible. He has always really, really hard work. He has a lot enforced. That is handsome.”

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