‘Katie Price back with ex Kris Boyson’

Katie was Wednesday morning held after she and her car of the road was taken. They proved to be too much drunk and was taken to the police station. Katie was on the way home after the birthday party of Kris, uninvited, had visited. He hurried then to the desk to help her. “He has the whole night waiting for her for. Kris was on her property and have her brought home.”

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‘Katie Price picked up with liquor on behind the wheel’

Katie and Kris were six weeks ago. Then she laid it with Alex Anderson, but that relationship is also over. The two exes have remained in touch. “Kris kept her appen to check whether it is well with her. They had a lot of contact, despite the fact that Katie is with someone else. (…) He waited for his chance, despite the fact that his friends can’t stand it.”

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