Kaj Gorgels will chastise mother after winning the Talent Award

Kaj Gorgels with his mother in the Televiziergala where he took the Talent Award

“I’m next to my mother sit down and say: what have I said? She says: well, a lot, but you do not have your management thank you”, outlined Kaj the moment when he with the Talent Award in his hand in the hall sat down in front of the camera of the ANP. “So stay mothers eh, that is the danger if you and your mother bring to this kind of events, you get a tap on your back.”

Kaj had totally not expected in the prices would fall. “I was quite surprised. It was also suddenly very fast, I really didn’t know that the Talent Award was the first to be awarded. Then it was suddenly: Kaj Gorgels. I thought: crap, I need to get to the stage and still have some say also. I was happy, but I had to suddenly go.”


Although Kaj his award “super top”, ashamed he is for his bedankspeech. “That was the whole thing, I stand there thinking:” Oh, yes asshole, maybe you do need to think about what you have to say’. On the other hand, what should you say? According to me you should just say what there is at that moment in your mind.” Management thank was not directly in Kaj. “There’s shame on me really deep. That I had not forgotten if I have a speech had been prepared.”

The ’error’ is Kaj forgiven, by both his management and his mother. “Mothers is very, very happy. She was superzenuwachtig, but she starts to get used and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was here now every year around and says: ’you Should have a picture of me? I am the mother of Kaj’”, quipped the presenter. “No. We are going to a party build. I have tomorrow free and see where the ship runs aground.”

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