Just another try: Hague and Ovtsjinin next year still to ISS

BAJKONOER – Space Alexey Ovtsjinin and Nick Hague, that Thursday after their launch, an emergency landing had to make, coming spring to have the space. Their flight to the international space station (ISS) is scheduled for next spring. The head of the Russian space agency, Roskosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said Friday at news agency Interfax.

Nick Hague and Alexey Ovchinin be welcomed after their failed launch.

The Russian cosmonaut Ovtsjinin and the American astronaut Hague have now returned to the training center in Moscow.

About two minutes after take off Thursday, it went wrong for Ovtsjinin and Hague. They had to of fifty kilometers altitude, return to the ground. They landed safely and unharmed in the middle of Kazakhstan. Russia investigates what exactly has gone wrong. For the moment, there are no manned and unmanned rockets. Russia is only able to take people to the ISS and bring it back.

In the ISS are currently three people: a German, an American and a Russian. They would in december to return to earth, but perhaps remain until January. If there is still no new crew, the ISS for the first time since november 2000, is empty.

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