Juncker: Orbán is not more at home in EPP

BRUSSELS – Jean-Claude Juncker believes that the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán not belong to the European people’s Party (EPP), the christian democratic group in the European Parliament. The president of the European Commission told the French newspaper Le Monde that he Orbán that last month, also has made clear.

Viktor Orbán (L) and Jean-Claude Juncker (R).

The government of Orbán that his country wants to transform itself into a “illiberale democracy” is already quite some time under fire in Brussels. A large majority of the European Parliament voted in september for the activation of the toughest criminal proceedings against Hungary. The parliament believes that the developments in the former eastern bloc country to the European values threatened by.

Also Juncker considers strict about the Hungarian leader. “Mr. Orbán has no place in the EPP”, says the former prime minister of Luxembourg, which is itself a christendemocraat. The decisions of Orbán according to Juncker, is in conflict with the christian democratic values of the EPP family”, where the Fidesz party of Hungarian leader is connected.

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