Judge drops charge against Harvey Weinstein

Prosecutors had no objection to the deletion of the indictment. There would be contradictions are brought to light in the statement of the woman. They claimed that Weinstein in 2004 had been misused in a office of movie studio Miramax in Manhattan.

The Public Prosecutor in the city made after the meeting announced that a new witness had reported. Who had information that was contrary to what Evans against prosecutors had said. The witness was very clear when a police officer is his or her story to have done so, but that would be the friendly information passed to the plaintiffs.

It said the Weinsteins lawyer Benjamin Brafman last month to have been informed about the new development in the case. Brafman suggested according to the American media that Evans perjury has been committed. He wants all charges against his client be dropped. “The case is not over, but has, according to me permanent and irreparable damage,” said the lawyer.

The court’s decision does not mean that the legal problems of Weinstein now behind the back. He must still defend against five other charges, which relate to the sexual abuse of two other women.

Dozens of women have Weinstein accused of sexual misconduct. He has denied ever women to have sex forced. By the allegations against the well-known Hollywood producer won the hashtag #MeToo last year, quickly gained notoriety.

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