Jan Versteegh find a lot of Who is the Mole?

Jan Versteegh

“You know what bad is? There I go again just as with my complaint about it: if you like mole, then you know the whole season. Every job, every candidate, everything. And then you the season after not the mole and not know anything”, screamed Jan for the camera of the ANP. “I don’t know one candidate, I don’t know who the mole is, I don’t know a single command. I’m left alone in the dark, that is just not easy.”

Jan got Thursday evening the first prize of the evening, the new Digital Impact Award. The price for the program that the viewer is the best online or through an app was able to achieve went to Who is the mole?. “Art was already gone and Rik still has no season, yeah, then you have to call someone,” joked Jan about why he is the award received.

“I’m actually still go back home empty handed. This price is not for me, but for the appbouwers,” said Jan, who in the most recent season of Wie is de mol? the role of saboteur to take over. “The honor goes to those people who have built. They take him home with him, I love him here only.”

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