Isabelle A and Stijn Meuris sound in the ’90s

Welcome to 1990! The year in which King Baudouin, a day without a job by the abortuskwestie, the misunderstandings of Pico, DDT, Oscar and co in FC The Champions for the first time on tv, and you have unabashedly with a fleece jacket on the street was parading. 1990 is also the year that great beast, Isabelle, A prancing, the Flemish charts conquered. On the other side of the musical spectrum sang Stijn Meuris his vocal cords just not to shreds with north Cape. Koen Wauters test how much they know about 1990 in a new episode of What a Year!

Dance, does that everyone in 1990, in its own unique way. Nathalie and Jonas immerse themselves in the unique dance moves that allow you to make an impression on each sticky dance floor. Can Stijn and Isabelle the right dance link it to the associated executor?

The ‘Tingeling’ Ali Baba was in 1990 for weeks in the charts. And it’s all thanks to a weird joke of Arabeat-founder Serge Gobin. But who fishes the correct Gobin from a group of 23 lookalikes?

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