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Is this the anthem for the resurgence of the 90s?

“I just wanna go back, back to 1999 sing Charli XCX and Troye Sivan. The video clip is a feast of recognition, for whom the turn of the century consciously experienced and a little history for the Fila-wearing teenagers.

That the 90’s back to a revival, you will see equally in the streets. Teens clothe themselves prefer to be in a sweater with a striking logo, wide trousers and, if possible, sneakers from Fila. The trend is not limited only to fashion. Charli XCX ventures together with emerging pop star Troye Sivan on an anthem for the 90s-nostalgia.

In ‘1999’ craves the up-and-coming poptalent to the ‘carefree’ time of the eeuwisseling. That is at least noteworthy, because the majority of the Fila-wearing hipsters, the 90’s are not consciously experienced. Also Troye Sivan, the new posterboy of Gen Z, himself, was barely 5 years old when the Spice Girls on the charts ruled.

The video can count as a well-deserved little history and is packed full of references. The Spice Girls and Eminem do you recognize undoubtedly, but who spot The Blair Witch Project and TLC?

Popprinses Charli XCX, is not to her advantage. Previously, she wrote all the hit ‘I love it’ for Icona Pop, which they themselves to ’90s bitch’ bombed. Also in her solo work, such as the previous year’s EP’s ‘Pop 2’ and the ‘Number 1 Angel, wrapped them in the 90’s in a futuristic popjasje.

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