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Google Home speaks from now on English (but he understands our accent?)

The smart speaker comes to us speaking: Google has a Dutch version is available from Google Home. That device had yesterday also a new version, now with display.

Yesterday was the main day of the autumn for Google. The company presented its Pixel 3 smartphones, a Pixel-tablet and a new smart speaker: the Google Home Hub. On the same day made …

Yesterday was the main day of the autumn for Google. The company presented its Pixel 3 smartphones, a Pixel-tablet and a new smart speaker: the Google Home Hub. On the same day, the company also announced that the Google Home-speakers (still not the new model) now available in a Dutch version. That is indeed tailored to the Netherlands and not (yet) in Flanders, it is so not sure how well he can handle different Flemish tones, accents and expressions.

Smart speakers , or smart speakers are already for several years in advance in the English speaking world. There are currently worldwide, about 6 million per month sold. About two-thirds of which goes to the US, but also China, the device has in the meantime been discovered.
Amazon invented this product category with its Echo, who four years ago came on the market. But according to some figures, Google is now the market leader: one in three sold smart speakers would be a Google Home. And Google is now also the first to be smart speaker to our language.

Equipment control
Most people use their smart speaker for a handful of simple tasks: to music (via Spotify or the radio) and to information search on the internet. But more than a quarter of the owners used him for all sorts of equipment in the home. More and more devices you can control (or at least on and off) via a spoken command, the Echo, the Google Home or the Apple Homepod. The Amazon Echo is now working with 20,000 different devices, Google is now close to 10,000.

The term smart speaker is now actually somewhat outdated. Amazon already had several Echo models are equipped with a display screen. And now Google has that also. The Google Home Hub, used the display to get the answers to some questions better to be able to show a recipe-reading is easier than listening to a computer voice that reads out loud. If the Home Hub is not in use, the display shows you family photos. He looks by the way, the most of as a picture frame, rather than as a real computer. The display is only 7” wide, barely larger than some smartphones.

Digital photo frame
Monday also had Facebook his variant on the smart speaker launched: the Facebook Portal. A crucial difference is that the Facebook Portal is not only a microphone but also has a camera (which, although with a lid that can be closed). The Facebook Portal is mainly intended for video chat with your friends, while the Google Home Hub rather, a central control panel for everything in the house. All hopes Google clear also that multiple copies will be ordered, including one for in the kitchen. If you tell him not to use it, he acts as a digital photo frame.

The Google Home Hub will be in the US $ 149 cost. If and when they go to Europe, and at what price, is not yet known. On Bol.com you can, however, since today the Dutch version of the current Google Home (without display) order for 149 euros. That is only from 24 October delivered. The entry-level Google Home Mini costs 59 euro. Google could be our last night not confirm whether and when there is a Flemish version of Google Home.

As expected, Google also two new smartphones, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The company stressed at the launch, especially the camera, and how that uses all kinds of softwaretrucs. So are photos in which someone with the eyes blink automatically replaced by an image that just a bit earlier or later was pulled. The camera can also different photos of the same subject to combine digital edges without sharpness loss. The starting price of the Pixel 3 is 859. According to Google, the Pixel 3 is used to photograph for different magazines of publisher Conde Nast in the coming days come out, including Glamour and GQ.

The Google Pixel smartphones don’t sell in large numbers, but have since its launch two years ago, an outstanding reputation. That is a lot due to the camera.

Google also launched a tablet, the Pixel Slate. That has Android on board, but Google’s other operating system, ChromeOS. That operating system is now quite successful in laptops, and Google now seems to want to demonstrate that it also may be an alternative to tablets. If there is an optional keyboard is clipped (using magnets, such as a Microsoft Surface), he changes into a ChromeOS laptop.

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