Glennis hint on American Whitney-concerts

So far, however, it is not yet. Glennis is going next month back to America to have dinner with record labels, musicians and concertorganisatoren. “Then I go, everyone meet me wants to meet with me, want to write or anything else want from me,” said Glennis. She wants to deliberately not make haste. “It is now the time, but I always say, runners are doodlopers. I should soon be very conscious to make choices. Step-by-step.”

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In addition to a Whitney Houston tribute wants Glennis own music to release in America. Possible, even an English-language remake of her hit Farewell, the Volumia!-cover that they have in the Netherlands a number 1 hit scored. “I’ve already thought about it. Already longer. I’ll wait first for what I otherwise would deserve.”

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