German Greens are in Dept and SPD over

BERLIN/MUNICH – In recent opinion polls in Germany are the Greens, the SPD party and the populist AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) has been surpassed. The Greens have the support of 17 percent of the respondents and thus on the second place in the poll by public broadcaster ARD. According to the newspaper Bild, it is the first time that the Greens in this poll such a high score.

The poll is a new low for the ruling christian democrats of the CDU/CSU and the SPD. The CDU/CSU drops further away to 26 percent and the SPD tumbles to 15 percent. The right-populist AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) remains supported by 16 percent of respondents. The ondernemersvriendelijke liberals of the FDP (Free Democratic Party), rise to 10 percent and the ultra-left Who Left remains at 10 percent.

Sunday there are elections in the federal state of Bavaria. In the predominantly conservative and prosperous state of 13 million inhabitants (only North-Rhine-Westphalia has more) threatens an embarrassment for the long-dominant Christian Social Union (CSU). In polls lose the CSU in comparison with 2013, about a third of its voters.

All of the Bavarian prime ministers since 1957 the CSU has been, but that era seems to be Sunday in order to come. The CSU plummet if only in public opinion polls. The conservative christian CSU must do it now with the support of about 33 percent of the respondents. In Bavaria, the Greens also on the second place with 19 percent of respondents behind him.

The decline of the CSU is partly the result of the struggle over the direction of the party and of the lingering arguments about immigration policy with the christian democratic chancellor, Angeka Merkel that the zusterpartij CDU. The current Bavarian CSU-prime minister Markus Söder in march after an internal partijruzie the ministry took over from Horst Seehofer. Seehofer is now the federal minister of the Interior in Berlin where he regularly starts a fight with Merkel.

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