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Free Souffriau thanks Gert Verhulst with a song: ‘Very human to respond to cancer diagnosis’

When Free Souffriau in 2004, the diagnosis of lymphoma was given, she was the doctor immediately to begin treatment. “I could not come to rehearse,” said Souffriau during Gert Late Night. “And I want you said that it’s so human to have responded,” she said to Gert Verhulst.

Souffriau got her engelenstem up to her boss at Studio 100, to thank for his human reaction. ‘Some people stay away when they hear you have cancer, ” said Souffriau. “Others react then very surprisingly, like you,” said the singer. “I have a lot of support from you, Hans and of the company.’ Therefore, sang Souffriau ‘The Hills are Alive’ from ‘The Sound of Music ” for Gert Verhulst, that it does not dry loved.

Now, the singer is again fine, but it was a tough period in her life. “If sick, you know, there is only one way and that is forward.” Through her fight against cancer is Souffriau now different in life. “My priorities have changed, I have the ballast from my life deleted.’ Souffriau has never been much about her illness talking, and that was a conscious choice. “I needed it to me solitude, time stood before me, silent for a moment. Then I again continued.’

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