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France wins for the fifth year in a row the Motocross of Nations, the Belgians are coming shortage in Red Bud

France Sunday in the American Red Bud for the fifth consecutive time the Motocross of Nations on her name written. Our neighbours (35 pts), with Gauthier Paulin, Dylan Ferrandis and Jordi Tixier as riders, brought it to Italy (37) and the Netherlands (41). The Belgian motorcrossers, the Red Knights (Jérémy Van Horebeek, Clement Desalle and Jago Geerts), runner-up in the final as the seventh (53).

After the second race were the riders of coach Johan Boonen still in second, but in the third series saw Van Horebeek (Open), and Desalle (MXGP) disappointing results with an eleventh and a 27th place and, as came the Knights go to the seventh place.

It is striking that the Netherlands, all three of the races in Red Bud won, but still only third in the final reckoning. Herlings (2x) and Coldenhoff won their series, but Calvin Flanders fell out in the first series and had a oogblessure forced to give up for the second series. Are bad result (36th) could not be deleted, and weighed heavily in the final standings.

The United States, with 22 victories still a record holder in terms of the number of victories in the Motocross of Nations. Belgium has fifteen victories, the last dates of 2013. When won, Clément Desalle, Jérémy Of Horbeek and Ken De Dycker in the Dutise Teutschenthal the world title. Next year, the Motocross of Nations in the Dutch Assen.

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