France is closing places on the border with Belgium

In the French departments of Meuse, Meurthe-et-Moselle and Ardennes will a closure be placed on the border with our country, with the intention of the African swine fever in to dikes. Also the access to the forests is in a number of areas prohibited, so Thursday decided.

The closure will be from Saturday to be installed, made the local newspaperLe Républicain Lorrainknown.

In 41 municipalities in the north of the departement of Meuse is valid until at least October 20, a whole hunting ban. In the same period should also no one of the forests to enter. For the department of Meurthe-et-Moselle goes to 50 municipalities where a similar ban.

The virus of the African swine fever was middle of last month in the south of Belgium found. The virus is raging in wild boar, there was not a single varkenskwekerij affected. Also in France there is still no infected animal is found, but because the virus is so infectious, the French government’s draconian measures. The African swine fever is harmless to humans.

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