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Filou Ostend opens Champions League with thuisnederlaag

Oostende has his first job in the Champions League lost. The Greek newcomer Promitheas Patras won not undeserved, with 84-93.

Williams (calf) was not ready to play so Djordjevic again a basisstek got. Desiron was at the opworp to the detriment of Maric who, because of a foot injury a few training sessions had been missed.

Two bombs of Kesteloot and a few nice tweepunters of Desiron brought Oostende 10-4 at the forefront. On fastbreak dunkte Lypovyy the aansluitingstreffer, 10-9, to. The same Ukrainian brought the Greeks 10-11 at the forefront. After the eleventh point of Desiron to 75 % paved Buza the score at 19-19. The Oostendenaars members in that initial quarter to eight dispossessions. Three bombs of the Americans Brown and Meier fed the solid opener of the balbehendiger Greeks in the second quarter: 27-36. Djordjevic and Mwema sought to reduce the backlog to mitigate (32-38), but the rest counted the Oostendenaars ten points less (43-53) than their opponents.

Mwema had three errors to his name. The third quarter was barely two minutes old or Djordjevic had his second and third mistake.

Fieler and Djurisic worked handsome combinations that Ostend at 58-58 bijbeende. Thanks to a couple triples of Meier names the Greeks again distance: 60-68.

Djurisic came 69-70. 7’36” on the clock. When was the fuel for many Oostendenaars already exhausted. New dispossessions of the home team and afstandskorven of the Greeks decided the match: 84-93.

FILOU OOSTENDE: (32, 57 of which 5 to 14 triples, 15 to 21 vrijworpen, 21 errors) LASISI 0-6, DESIRON 11-3, DJORDJEVIC 8-4, KESTELOOT 6-4, FIELER 5-6, Schwartz 0-0, Buza 4-2, Mwema 3-0, Maric 2-0, Djurisic 4-16, Kotrulja 0-0.

PROMITHEAS PATRAS: (34 to 61, of which 11 on 29 triples, 14 at 19 vrijworpen, 20 errors) LYPOVYY 6-5, GKIKAS 3-10, GEROMICHALOS 2-0, SALOUSTROS 7-0, ELLIS 8-2, Hall 2-0, Tsairelis 6-2, Kaselakis 2-3, Meier 5-9, Brown 12-9.

QUARTZ: 19-19, 24-34, 22-15, 19-25.

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