F-35 may just not fly

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The Pentagon decided very are fleet of F-35-gevechtstoestellen to the ground to keep after it for the first time one has crashed. Other countries that the devices have, followed.

All F-35 aircraft of the American army, of any type, must first be checked for them again the air in may, it was decided to the Us department of Defense. On 28 september plunged for the first time an F-35 down in South Carolina. The pilot found himself with his ejection seat to save, but the power – that $ 100 million cost – was destroyed.

After the first investigation into the causes of that crash, decided the Pentagon at all the aircraft the fuel lines, inspect and replace it if necessary. That control would only be one to two days require. The F-35 aircraft is also used by the Israeli and the British army. They also keep a number of aircraft on the ground.

It is not the first time that there are problems with the F-35, built by the American manufacturer Lockheed Martin. There would be, according Bloomberg is still about 900 defects to the unit, which is the most sophisticated fighter plane in the world is called to be.

Earlier this year there appeared a report in which the question was raised of whether the aircraft be combat ready, given the many problems that are still popping up. At the end of september flew an American F-35 the first combat mission in Afghanistan, and that was wrinkle-free. Also, the Israeli army has this year for the first time the F-35 deployed in air strikes.


The F-35 is, together with the Eurofighter Typhoon candidate to the old Belgian F-16’s to replace. The RFGP process (Request for Government Proposal) to the two quotes to evaluate, rank including, by Defence already for the summer completed. It took until last week for the regeringskern was briefing about the result. Also on the economic return of the candidates, the government is still informed before making a decision.

Within the government, certainly no concern about the problems with the F-35. “The Belgian army flies at this moment for F-16’s and there is still no decision about the replacement’, is featured on the cabinet of prime minister Charles Michel (MR). On the question of whether this is the purchasing process can influence responding, minister of Defence Steven Vandeput (N-VA) that the evaluation is done on the basis of the RFGP-procedure’.

About the arrangement of Defense holds the lips together. Indiscretions learn that both candidates end under the planned budget come true, and that the difference between number one and two ‘clear’. Various sources indicate the F-35 as the winner.

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