Ex of Nathalie Meskens sets a new love for

Jeroen Van Dyck, the former partner of Nathalie Meskens, is again in a relationship. The 39-year-old actor (photo, left) from “The Island” and “David” together with the 26-year-old Lena Coenjaerts, daughter of actress Els Olaerts, who is best known as the wife of Witse.

The two met each other at the end of last year and since a few months a couple of, as they say in TV Family. “We do it quietly, but it feels very nice,” says Van Dyck.

For the actor, it is his first steady relationship after the break up with Meskens in 2016. “I had for myself a couple of things at a glance. That separation has seriously to me hacked: for two years, I have nothing to build.”

A therapist could Van Dyck his heart skies. “Now I want to be with Lena something beautiful to build, but we don’t want rush into things,” he insists. “Lena works as a wedding planner, but wedding plans is that it is far too early.”

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