Ex-minister of South Africa Pik Botha died

PRETORIA – Roelof Frederik ’Pik’ Botha, minister of Foreign Affairs in the apartheidstijdperk, at the age of 86 in his home in Pretoria died. That his family has told the South African news site News24. His son, Piet Botha, said that his father Friday in the early morning, peacefully died in his sleep. He was already a number of weeks sick.

Pik Botha, together with Desmond Tutu.

Botha came in 1953, in service with the ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was given the nickname Pik, an abbreviation of ’pikkewyn’, Afrikaans for penguin, because his attitude was like that of a bird when he was a suit wearing.

Since april 1977 was Botha minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa. After the fall of the apartheid government, he left that post, but he remained another two years, minister of Energy. He got in 1996 from the world of politics. In the year 2000 he came in the news because he moved from the predominantly white National Party to the ANC (African National Congress) Nelson Mandela.

Pik Botha – not a family of ex-president Pieter Botha (1916-2006) – has expressed previously his regret that he is no end to the Apartheid, when he was minister.

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