E. T.’s boyfriend ’plays’ now with Michiel Huisman

Michiel Huisman.

Somewhere around the holidays he is stuck again, somewhere to see, the masterpiece of STEVEN SPIELBERG in 1982, everyone in his clutches: E. T.! At the age of eleven played HENRY THOMAS (47) therein the lead role. He was the little boy Elliott on his bike, with his alien boyfriend in a boodschappenkistje in front, driving, and him in safety brought.

In E. T. played Henry Thomas a heldenrol.

’E. T. part II’ never happened, although Hollywood and the world, therefore, and shouted, and Henry became other than DREW BARRYMORE what in the oblivion. He continued acting, played since his debut, albeit in more than forty movies, but knew, of course, never even in the vicinity of the success of his first film…

This week, he visited a Comic Con in New York, where fans with their heroes of the past the picture and he told me there is expanded over a role that he has in a new Netflix series.

In The Haunting of Hill House plays the actor, who actually says to dislike horror, this year a pretty big role. Since this weekend is the result, with ’our’ MICHIEL HUISMAN as Steven Crain, to see. Unsuspecting viewers will, however, in the character of Hugh Crain probably never be the boy to recognize that, at the time, to the lost E. T. cared.

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