Dries wants, next year the Ring to his finger

Dries Roelvink

“I think this program, Effe geen cent te compelling, if you all the eight episodes have seen, that it is not hopeless,” treasure Dries. With his two sons, Dave and Donny and the wife Honoria he lived for a month long support level. “The series now runs three episodes and the reactions to it are very nice.”

That they for Effe geen cent te compelling, but for a month ’arm’ was, for the Roelvinkjes long enough. “We were happy that it was sitting on. The first day we thought: we save us through it. But it was still heavier. You just felt: thankfully, it’s only been a month. That’s what we said to each other: imagine that this is a year. That you are all going to get used to no money, no nice furniture, no more going out. Pooh, that we were not accustomed.”

If He could choose, he slides next year prefer the Golden Televizier-Ring to his finger that he the Ziggo Dome a few times uitverkoopt. “I already have several fun concerts given in Amsterdam, the Ziggo Dome I am, well, not so awake. The Ring would be wonderful.”

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