Dismissed Buckingham complains Fleetwood Mac

Stevie Nicks (r) and Lindsey Buckingham

In rechtbankdocumenten that Billboard realized it denies the player to the story that he is from the band is because he prefers solo went touring with Fleetwood Mac. Buckingham confesses that he is the band has asked the tour to postpone until later in the year so that his solo album could promote, but says that it was accepted when the rest of the band members that refused.

The musician states that he also agrees with the desire of the singer Stevie Nicks to at most three times per week to act. He says that he was planning the rest of the time, solo-concerts, but that Fleetwood Mac is always a priority would have had. Nevertheless, Buckingham earlier this year, say that without warning out of the band. He would the other members at various times have tried to achieve in order to ask for an explanation, but none of them would have his phone calls answered.

The 69-year-old artist made between 1975 and 1987 and is part of the band and returned ten years later. He does not belong to the founders of Fleetwood Mac, but wrote big hits like Go Your Own Way, The Chain and You Make Loving Fun.

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