Debut Groothuizen and Floranus at Jong Oranje

ADO goalkeeper Indy Groothuizen makes his debut for Jong Oranje.

Groothuizen is the goalkeeper of ADO Den Haag. Floranus plays at sc Heerenveen, and it was only in the second instance selected, after the waste of Jeremiah St. Juste.

The netherlands has no chance to qualify for the finals of the European championship. Partly because it was the Tannin, a few ‘veterans’ out of the selection and he chose to new players.

After the defeat in the previous duel with Scotland had Young Orange have only a theoretical chance to qualify. Just before the meeting in Riga let UEFA know that by the results on other fields, that possibility no longer exists. Of the Tannin, there was in preparation already assumed that the Netherlands is no chance of placement.

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