David Bowie is not in Lord of the Rings by Labyrinth

Bowie made according to the script-writers have no chance at a role in Lord of the Rings

David Bowie missed a starring role in the Lord of the Rings movies because of his role as a bad koboldenkoning in Labyrinth. Dominic Monaghan sparked the rumors about the interest of Bowie in the film trilogy of Peter Jackson when he The Huffington Post, said he the singer in the casting offices of saw the film, while director Amy Hubbard is well-known that filmmakers were interested in the muziekicoon, but that he was far too busy.

Now the screenwriters Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh said that the role of Bowie in Labyrinth every chance he had to become a Lord of the Rings character to get away. “I don’t think that the studio at that time was so enthusiastic,” said Walsh, “so we have never met him”.

There are rumors that it was considered that Bowie Gandalf would play, but that denying the women. “He is an elf, don’t you think? He would Elrond have been,” says Boyens at The Huffington Post. The role of Gandalf eventually went to Sir Ian McKellen, Hugo Weaving took the role of Elrond, and Orlando Bloom was cast as Aragorn.

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