Court of Washington does death penalty permanently in the ban

WASHINGTON – The supreme court of the state of Washington, the consummation of the death penalty is prohibited. The judges ruled unanimously that the death penalty “arbitrary” and discriminatory manner, is applied.

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The state froze the implementation of the death penalty already in 2014. Washington is now the twentieth state in which the punishment in the ban is done. Governor Jay Inslee responded, pleased at the decision of the court. The Democrat wrote on Twitter that the zip code and race of suspects is often factors when a decision is made whether they face the death penalty. “That has nothing to do with equality or fairness.”

Eight of the prisoners who were still sitting there waiting for their execution, will not be put to death. They get lifelong prison sentences. The director of the Death Penalty Information Center concluded that the court has not taken a decision on the question of whether the death penalty is immoral, but only on the question of whether that can honestly be applied.

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