Concierge close girl night long in toilet school

MALDEGEM – A 12-year-old pupil of the Royal grammar school Courtmanslaan in the Belgian town Maldegem has the night of Monday to Tuesday spent on the toilet of her school. The girl, Elina, was accidentally locked up by the caretaker of the atheneum.

Photo for illustration.

Like every school day were also Monday, the doors of the school lock turned. That happened around 18.30 hours when the children usually are already home. The girl, however, was still at the school because she is receiving tutoring had followed: they had to go to her safety deposit box and went to the toilet. The concierge has Monday not checked or there is still someone on the toilet was present. When Eline rumbling at the door of the toilet room heard, she was terrified, and she dared not directly from the toilet to come. Not much later came the teenager out of the bathroom, and she discovered that the door of the toilet was closed.

No mobile phone

The girl at the door beaten and called, but that turned out to be in vain. Because she is still young, she has no mobile phone. They could therefore no one to call. “When I realized that I had a whole night would be,” said Eline. The parents of the girl were also worried but could anyone from the school away.

When the janitor Tuesday morning to the toilet wanted cleaning, he found Eline. Her parents were called and the girl was brought home. According to the Belgian news site, the management has extended excused opposite the pupil and her parents. The parents decided not to complain.

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